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Course: Introduction to Equine Acupressure
Instructor: Linda Crabtree
Dates: 10/27/18 - 10/27/18
Times: 9:30am - 2:30pm
Cost: $150.00
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  This class is for individuals who want to help themselves to help the equines in their circle of life to feel better.

You will learn the What, Why, How, When, and Where of Acupressure. Acupressure, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, is an effective, non-invasive method that regulates, restores, replenishes, and maintains the flow of energy, bringing the body into balance. Balance = Health. You will have the opportunity to practice acupressure points on the equine for common concerns of hoof issues, colic, anxiety, and back and hip pain. For more information on acupressure, go to my website, www.circleofpeace.com.

Participants must have experience of working around equines.

Location: private barn in Woodstock, CT.

Bring water, snacks and lunch (30 minute lunch break).

Handouts will be provided. Maximum of 10 students.

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