Pet Massage DVD

Announcing!! The first easy-to-use DVD Massage Guide created

for you and your pet!


                             The Pet Owners Massage Guide for Dogs and Cats DVD

  demonstrates The Bancroft School of Massage Therapy

  techniques for you and your pet with the music of Janet Marlow's

  Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats. Just place the DVD in your

  home entertainment center or computer and follow the easy

  step by step sequence of massage techniques explained by 

  Instructor, Theresa Gagnon. You can use these techniques knowing

  that your dog or cat can benefit by deepening their relaxation,

  preserving health, preventing injury and by giving your pet the gift of

  your company through the loving touch of massage.




               The first DVD Massage Guide created for the Pet Owner!


                           Easy for kids to learn too!




The Pet Owners Massage Guide for Dogs and Cats DVD

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This DVD  features the music of both, Janet Marlow's Relaxation Music for Dogs and Cats Volume 1 and Relaxation Music for My Pet and Me Volume 2.              This music is provided  for you and your pet to create a soothing and relaxing environment during the massage instruction.

 Also available for wholesale venues.

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Bring the art of caring to a new

level between you and your pet.

The Pet Owners  Massage Guide

for Dogs and Cats DVD is

perfect for adults and children

to learn the easy steps of

animal massage for the benefit

of dogs and cats.



Janet Marlow’s Relaxation Music Series

is a new look at how we as pet guardians can

care for our best friends acoustically

according to their hearing ranges.

Being aware that they too need to fill their

space with acoustically friendly sounds and

atmosphere to help them feel relaxed and 

safe is an important part of their lives.

Hearing is a strong survival instinct 

for them. In nature, they can instinctively

flee from disturbing sounds. As pets in our

homes or urban settings, they adjust to all 

levels of sounds.        


As we continue our joyous co-habitation with dogs and cats then music that

accommodates their hearing ranges is what we can offer pets to experience

a comfortable and soothing environment.  Find out more click here: 

Music for Pets and People