Student Services



Academic Advising
Our staff and instructors are dedicated to supporting each of you in making the Doggone U as rewarding a learning experience as possible. Each student can meet with his or her advisor to discuss his/her academic progress and/or deal with any academic concerns at any time. Ongoing discussions with the instructors and administrative staff are encouraged. If any of you have concerns and/or questions, please schedule a 1:1 meeting with your instructor, advisor or the director.


Extra Help
The Doggone U faculty is available for extra help. Most courses offer extra help before and/or after each class. Most faculty members are available for extra help by appointment.


Payment Plans/Options
Students can contact
Ana Flor C. Ano-os

if any questions arise about your current plan or if other options need to be discussed at 508-757-7923. 


Doggone U does not offer housing for our students.  However, we will gladly aid any student who wishes to find housing within the Worcester area.  Bancroft does not guarantee nor take responsibility for housing arrangements.