Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly can I get certified as a professional massage practitioner?

We offer a 200 hour certification program which takes 10 months to complete. Please see the Calendar, Tuition and Application page for more detailed information.


Can I come and see the school?

Our Equine Program does not meet at the school, we use local barns for our hands on classes. If you want a tour of the school it can be arranged on an individual basis. Tours of the barns are not available as they change from year to year based upon their availability. Please email  Lisa Turcotte and discuss options on when you can visit the school. 


How big are the class sizes?

The average class size is 8 students, maximum is 12.  It is important for student learning to keep class sizes small. The maximum teacher/student ratio is 1:4.


Why don’t you provide remote or video certification?

Massage is a hands-on skill. Students learn the massage strokes by practicing each technique on each other. Then each student is required to pass an evaluation of their skills by performing each stroke on the instructor before we allow them to work on animals.


What is the massage experience of the teachers?

One of the cornerstones of Bancroft's reputation are the instructors. Our instructors are most appreciated for the caring, compassion, and one on one interaction with the students.  Our instructors are a mix of Bancroft-trained Licensed Massage Therapists and animal practitioners, all with active practices.  Also, each course is taught by instructors who have expertise in that subject.  The combined total of massage experience of our instructors is over 50 years of experience.


Can I get a list of graduates that I can speak to about their experience at Bancroft? 

Certainly, you can call the school for a list of graduates working in your area that can answer questions about our certification program. Additionally, you can check out our list of graduates on our Find a Graduate Page.


Will I have enough training to pass the National Certification Exam? 

Yes, graduation from our certificate program fulfills all the requirements for sitting for the NBCAAM exam. 


Can I work and still go to school?  

Yes.  Our program is a combination of online and hands on learning. The online portion is self-paced recorded lectures that accomodate your schedule.


Do you offer financial aid?

There is no financial aid available for this program, however there are payment plans.  Please feel free to contact Ana Flor C. Ano-os, for payment options.  


Do you offer free parking? 

Yes, there is plenty of free parking adjacent to the school.