Courses and Instructors



101 - Equine Anatomy and Introduction to Pathologies  (online)                                

102 - Behavior, Handling and Safety  (online)                        


103 - Health/Bio-Security   (online)


104 - Animal First Aid & Bandaging     (online)

The remaining courses are on site at Bancroft or the Boston Equestrian Center, where we do our equine hands-on massage training.     


105 - Massage Techniques


106 - Introduction to Biomechanics and Gait Analysis


107 Saddle Fit & Rider Issues           


108 Myofascial Techniques


109Stretching Techniques


110 Hydro-therapy


111 - Business Practices, Marketing, Presentation Skills/ Ethics  


112 - Internship


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  Marlene J. Narrow


Principal Instructor in Massage Techniques , Myofascial Techniques and Stretching Techniques.




Marlene has been a human massage therapist since 1982 and has taught at BSMT for the last thirty years, developing many of the techniques and courses taught today. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education from Worcester State College.




She is the co-founder of the Animal Massage Program at Bancroft, creating the massage techniques using her seven sled dogs and horses, as well as writing the curriculum and developing the program.




Marlene is a pioneer in the animal massage therapy field since the early 1980s. She originally trained with Jack Meagher, the founder of Equine Sports Massage in the United States, and practiced in various equine disciplines. She has led numerous equine and canine massage workshops to 4-H Clubs, veterinarians, breed clubs, sled dog racers, agility dog competitors, dog groomers, and other animal groups. Marlene’s family includes her own horses, cats, rescued bovines and a pig. They are all living testimony to the healing power of massage and the contribution to animal health and well-being.




Lisa Ruthig, BS, CEMT, CSAMT 




Director of Animal Programs, Anatomy & Massage instructor.




After graduating from University of Delaware with a BS in Biology, Lisa worked in molecular biology and immunology laboratories for a number of years before following a meandering path to her career in animal massage.




A traumatic injury to her puppy, Fergus, led Lisa into the realm of complementary healing techniques. Attempts to treat his resulting structural problems and anxiety quickly led to a passion for working with all animals.




A graduate of Bancroft School of Massage Therapy's Equine and Small Animal Massage Programs and a Level II Reiki practitioner, Lisa uses her scientific mindset, along with her natural affinity for the emotions of animals, to guid her in treating various behavioral problems, injuries, and movement disorders in animals. Learn more about Lisa at Lively Animal Massage.




Lisa is the Chair of the National Board of Certification of Animal Acupressure and Massage.




Carol Mossa, CEMT, LMT




Massage instructor




Carol Ann Mossa is a Licensed Massage Therapist in private practice serving clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. After graduating from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in April 2011, she went on to earn her Equine Massage Therapist Certification, graduating from BSMT in November that same year. Carol is the founder and director of The Well Healing Arts Center in Rumford, RI. More information can be found at www.facebook.com/TheWellRI.








Guest Lecturers:




Anthony Cooper




Saddle Fitting Instructor 




A native of Dublin, Ireland, Anthony Cooper received his saddlery training in London. His training covered making astride saddles and the restoration of side saddles. He was elected to the Guild of Master Craftsmen in London. Tony has been making, fitting, repairing and restoring saddles for over 20 years. He is based in Royalston, MA. Visit Tony’s website at www.AnthonyCooperSaddler.com