Frequently Asked Questions

What types of jobs are available upon graduation?


This is a very new field and you would need to make your own way in this business. You are an entrepreneur creating a new industry. Most practitioners work in client's homes, or have their own office. However, some graduates are hired at the businesses where they have completed internship hours.  Some of these businesses include grooming shops, dog training facilities, doggie day care, rehabilitation facilities, and veterinary clinics. Veterinarians are becoming more open to referring clients to qualified massage therapists. Animal owners are seeking more holistic therapies to maintain their pet’s wellbeing.


Why would Doggone U graduates be more likely to be hired over people from other schools?


We are associated with Bancroft School of Massage Therapy which has a reputation for creating quality graduates. We have been teaching massage since 1950. Our instructors include: Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Licensed Massage Therapists, and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners. Our instructors have a combined total of 100 years experience.


All this expertise was put together to create a comprehensive program that combines classroom learning and hands-on training to create a graduate that can safely and effectively deliver massage to animals.


Is it ever unsafe to massage an animal?


Yes, small animals have some of the same diseases that people have. Things such as heart disease, diabetes, endocrine disorders, and kidney disease are commonly seen in animals as well as people. There are precautions in massage for people with these conditions and we should follow these precautions with animals also.


You never want to massage any animal with an acute condition or injury or recent surgery without the approval of a veterinarian. Never massage areas of broken or irritated skin or where there is any rash or redness on the skin.You also want to be aware of the viral and bacterial diseases of animals as some of them are zoonotic (can be passed to humans.)


Why don’t you provide remote or video certification?


Massage is a hands-on skill. Students learn the massage strokes by practicing each technique on each other. Then each student is required to pass an evaluation of their skills by performing each stroke on the instructor before we allow them to work on animals. This is the only way we can be assured that the strokes are applied correctly and with pressure appropriate for the body of a small animal.